Monday, June 21, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Breakfast and Supper Options

Lunch is served with Kombucha, Swedish Bitters and Fermented Cod Liver Oil

This week's meat is brisket.

Monday:  Brisket and Veggies

Tuesday:  Brisket Sandwiches

Wednesday Superb Afghan Liver

Thursday:  Brisket over Salad

Friday:  Canned Salmon over Rice

Saturday:  Cobb Salad

Sunday:   Brisket, rice and mango salsa

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  1. Hi Sarah
    20 years ago, before Mr Moritz published his book, I had been fasting for long periods (9 days 2 x) and many many shorter fasts with 2 weeks before each fast a total non dairy, no meat, whole cooked grains only, no bread, sprouted only diet. This was that my body could cleanse itself and repair without too much uncomfortableness. Twice, in a period of 2 years I did the olive oil/epsom salt procedure prescribed by my holistic chiropractor. I had nearly broke my neck....all pain and discomfort left me for 1 1/2 years completely. I did an enema once every morning and also, before bedtime during the fast.Getting ready to do it again, but this time, will follow the Moritz method of every 3 or 4 weeks.
    Regarding meat eating during what is essentially us doing a scalpel-less operation on ourselves, is asking the body to put much emphasis on digestion, which is not what this period warrants. Simple eating, (fresh, raw, or steamed) veggies and fruits....loaded with God Essence, live enzymes and nutrients that only the Creator could give us. Truly that which heals any imbalance. I have become a vegetarian for a few reasons. 1. The industry of raising animals for the masses has no respect for life. The way these animals are kept and cared for is something my compassionate heart cannot tolerate...2. the drugs and poor quality foods fed these animals is not conducive to health for humanity.
    Thanks for your site!
    Also, I greatly admire Thomas Jefferson and read anything I can about him....keep up the good job of home schooling.
    Sincerely and With Good Health to You and Yours
    Gaia's Gal