Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse, Andreas Moritz

You know how you hear about something, oh say, 5 times, and you finally decide it's time to take notice?  Well, that is what happened with the liver cleanse.  I've thought for some time, that although our bodies are VERY good at cleaning out toxins, in some cases, it seems to do better with a little boost.  Esp with all of the toxins we have to fight these days!  And a number of our symptoms seemed to be related to liver congestion.

I had heard about this particular liver cleanse from a number of sources-books, websites, chat groups, etc.  And I kept thinking I'd like to try it, but I needed more info.  Well, recently I saw it posted on a blog (I can't remember which one) and I decided to check my library.  Sure enough, it had not just one copy, but two! So I picked it up that day.  It was a quick and easy read.  I enjoy rereading the chemistry of cells and digestion, etc.  I find it fascinating to see how different people interpret it all differently.  I've learned that no one knows exactly what is going on inside the complex body.  But many of them have found ways of healing that seem to work for large groups of people. So they eventually write a book about it.

The author, Andreas Moritz, had some serious issues as a child and teenager. And finally when he was 18, he decided to take his health into his own hands.  He read up on a lot of eastern medicine type healing practices and eventually decided to try a liver and gallbladder cleanse.  He saw such amazing results, he has done it regularly since.  He also has prescribed it to his patients and has seen major healing. 

He does think a relatively low-fat, vegan diet is the ultimate in healing and nourishing diets.  That, I believe, is 100% false.  But I just glossed over those parts and really read it to understand the science behind the cleanse as well as the details of it.

After reading the book, I'm excited to give the cleanse a try.  Essentially, he has you doing it once a month until you have 2 months in a row that no stones are released.  Most often it takes from 6-12 months.  Less for some and longer for others of course, depending on overall health.

The WHY of a liver and gallbladder cleanse:

The liver is a decent sized organ (about 3 pounds) that does a LOT of work every second.  If that work is disrupted, major health complications will appear.  One of it's functions is to produce bile that among other jobs, is used to break down the food we consume for proper nourishment of the nutrients.  Without it, digestion is impossible.  When we eat food that is not properly broken down, it mixes with the bile and forms into stones.  Eventually those stones can calcify and become hard and even more difficult to pass.  The body can handle some stones and even naturally passes them if everything is in working order. But, if they are not released, they eventually fill up the liver and gallbladder.  Most stones are not seen with modern technology (scans and x-rays, etc.) and are therefore overlooked as the possible cause of health issues.

If the stones get to be big enough, they start to disrupt the flow of bile, blood, toxins and all of the enzymes that are filtered through the liver.  You can imagine the issues that can lead to over time. the body is resilient and can reconstruct routes for a lot of things.  But only for so long. 

Some of the possible symptoms from stones in the liver and gallbladder:
Food cravings, constipation, digestive disorders, difficulty breathing, hemorrhoids, brain disorders, depression, PMS, Puffy eyes/skin, scoliosis, gout, obesity, sciatica, asthma, insomnia, nightmares, Alzheimer, cancer, chronic fatigue.

The HOW of a liver and gallbladder cleanse:
 I would highly suggest you read the book if you want to do the actual cleanse.  He has a lot of info that I couldn't fit into here.

What you need:  1 1/2 gallons of water of apple juice
4 TBLS Epsom salt,
1/2 cup cold pressed virgin olive oil,
2/3 glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice or lemon and orange juice combined.

Drink 32 oz (one quart) of apple juice every day for 6 days.  The malic acid softens the stones to make them easier to pass.  He does have other options if you can't drink apple juice for any reason (allergies, candida, etc.).

He suggests you eat as 'vegan' as possible during the cleanse. I'm not sure if that would help during the cleanse, since I don't believe that nourishes a body.  I don't think I'm going to worry about it.  He also suggests that you not take vitamins or medicines of any kind if you can help it.

He suggests that you do the actual cleanse on a weekend, or when you can be home all day, as some discomfort may appear.

On the 6th day of drinking apple juice, drink the apple juice in the morning, eat lightly and only drink water after 1:30 PM.  

6:00   PM   Prepare a jar of 32 oz. of water mixed with 4 TBLS of epsom salt (yuck!).  Drink 8 oz. of the jar at 6.  He suggests drinking it with a straw or your nose pinched to bypass some of the nasty taste.

8:00   Drink 8 more ounces of the salt water

9:30   He strongly suggests you do an enema or colonic at this point. 

9:45   Squeeze the citrus and mix thoroughly with the 1/2 cup of EVVO.  

10:00   Drink the EVVO/juice mixture as quickly as possible and lay down immediately.  He says to either lay on your back with your head propped above your abdomen.  Or lie on your right side with your knees pulled toward your head.  Lie perfectly still for at least 20 minutes.  

6:00 AM the next morning, drink another 8 oz of salt water.  He suggests you rest as much as possible, but being in an upright position helps the stones to pass more smoothly.  

8:00-8:30 Drink the last 8 oz of salt water.

10-10:30 Start eating, first fruit juice, then fruit and adding more 'heavy' foods throughout the day, but still keeping it light.  

He also suggests that you do a colon cleanse or enemas a few days after the cleanse, to make sure they all come out completely and don't putrefy in the colon. 

He also suggest you do a kidney cleanse before or after 4 or 5 cleanses, as the kidney can get backed up.  He suggests a tea to be drunk daily for a month.  Or, as I intend to do, taking a tsp of epsom salt dissolved in water every morning. 

So, I'm excited to give it a try.  I figure, if nothing else, it can't hurt anyway!  Not sure I can get the oil down, but I'll try!  Seeing results would certainly help.

Since Drew smokes, and has for 15 years, I'd love to get him to do it also.

Someone posted this forum site for the cleanse also.  Great resource for problem solving, etc.

Also, this blog post really encouraged me to look up the book and do the cleanse finally.  
My plan is to take the 1 tsp of epsom salt in water every morning, followed by 5-20 minutes of oil pulling, for 30 days.  After 24 days, I'll drink 32 oz of apple juice daily (yuck, I can't stand the stuff, but I'll try).  The morning of the cleanse, if I'm really on top of things, I'd like to do an enema or 2 (I've been meaning to try that since reading about it in GAPS).  I'll follow the schedule, and after 2 or 3 days, hopefully do a few enemas again.  My desire is to follow this regime monthly until my liver is clean.  And then annually after that.

** Update 6/25/10**

I sort of did the cleanse.  I had done the epsom salt/oil pulling for a month and then drank a quart of apple juice every day for 4 days and then I had to stop as the timing wasn't working out.  However, Monday I decided to just do the cleanse without the apple juice.  I followed the instructions above and actually passed at least 100 very small lime green, covered with a mustard yellow, stones.  It was pretty wild and exciting. :)

GRAPHIC:  I had terrible diarrhea shortly after taking the first epsom salt drink and all the next day.  And all I can say is 'owww!'.  I know it was intentional, but I have never really had diarrhea, so I had no idea how to deal with the 'clean up process'. Sorry, gross, I know.  But, if someone can learn from my mistakes, then it's worth sharing.  So, for next time, I am going to simply take a quick shower after every episode so as not to cause excessive wear and tear on the more sensitive parts with the rough toilet paper.  Did I mention 'owww!'?

-GRAPHIC: See here for pictures of something similar to what I had, only mine were smaller.  

-I have always struggled with low blood sugar, but it had gone away most since changing my diet.  However, being gone over the weekend and not eating great, it was back with a vengeance. So fasting for part of the day was rough.  I was very tired Monday night, as I consumed only water after 1:30pm.  I think that would have been fine if I had been eating better before the cleanse.

-The oil/OJ mix was actually quite good.  I was expecting to gag on it, and I did plug my nose for half of it, but then I found it was actually kind of enjoyable.  I measured 1/2 cup of EVVO into a glass measuring cup and squeezed 2 juicing oranges into it and mixed and chugged. 

-I did not start off with the broth/GAPS like I intended. My husband had lunch duty and he is a wicked chef and I simply could not pass up his pork fajitas. I drank some kefir at 10 and had pork fajitas at 1. :)  Along with some yogurt, kombucha and fermented beets.  :)

-I intend to do this every month until I have 2 months with nothing, and then once a year hopefully.

-None of my stones were calcified or bigger then a piece of corn, and most were closer to the size of an ant.  But I still have to be better off without them.

-I did not do an enema, but I really think it would be wise.  I just need to find the equipment and work up the nerve. 

-Tuesday and Wednesday I felt great, but Thursday afternoon I had one of my knock-out detox spells and was out for an hour and a half, dead to the world (well, to my kids at least-but thankfully we had put in a video, which I just ended up sleeping through).  And today (Friday)  I've been mostly laying down with extreme exhaustion.  At least I've come to realize what is going on and learned not to fight my body, but to rest until it passes.

I WILL GET HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

** Update 7/15/10**

I did another cleanse, basically same as the last.  Only this time no toilet paper after I started on the epsom salt, so no pain from that.  I did, however, throw up in the middle of the night once, which did not happen last time.  I was worried that since it was mostly oil, it wouldn't work.  But apparently the oil had done it's job and it worked fine.  The book said throwing up was not unusual and nothing to worry about.  Once I did, I felt fine and went right back to sleep.

This time, I got at least 400 stones out, and some were the size of my thumb.  So I had more, and larger ones, then last time.  Still no enema.  Mostly a money thing.  The kids are $20 and we just don't have them .And I've not figured out a way to substitute something cheaper or free yet.

I'll do another one in August.  It's pretty crazy!!!

** Update 8/1/10**

I have had back pain in my lower back for close to 10 years now.  My chiropractor has been my saving grace and I'm so thankful for him!  This week I knew I needed an adjustment in a bad way.  But it was weird, because it didn't hurt.  I could just tell that I was twisted and a mess. I wonder if getting the stones out has taken some of the pressure off of my lower back.  I don't know for sure.

** Update 8/7/10**

I did my 3rd cleanse.  I find the salt water harder to take and I once again threw up in the middle of the night.  4:00 actually.  I slept fine most of the night, before and after.  And I picked a bad time, as I had Sunday School the next morning and that was rough. Note to self, pick a morning when you can stay home and take care of business.  The throwing up is no fun. I might try half as much EVVO next time.  I read that the throwing up is the gall stones pushing the EVVO back into the stomach.  And throwing up isn't supposed to be a problem. Other then being horribly unpleasant.  I think while drinking the salt water and throwing up, that I'm definitely not doing it again.  But then when I get hundreds of stones out, I can't help but assume it's helping me.  Chemo makes you throw up for months, so this is much better then that option!  I think I got about 400 stones out, most teeny, but about 20 of them were about the size of my thumb nail, which is big!  They seem to be more green and less yellow coasted.  Not sure if that is good or bad or indifferent.


Finally, I did another one. Took me long enough!  When I did the GAPS intro in November, I drank a lot of really salty broth for a few days, and I found I actually passed a few green stones, and a lot of, what I believe was, broken stones.  So I have felt like my liver had a cleanse since, and in a very healthy way. Plus I feel my overall diet is very healing for the liver, not too toxic and full of liver cleansing and liver building materials.  But I had found myself not wanting to eat much meat for a few weeks, and my poop was very light, so I decided it was time for an actual cleanse.  My husband and kids were away, so it was perfect timing.  I did the usual, minus the apple juice.  I got out approx 300 itty bitty stones and quite a bit of the broken ones.  It was really yucky to drink the epsom water and the citrus evvo as usual.  I was nauseous all night, but only slightly and it went away after I had some diarrhea in the morning.  I did a coffee enema the night before, and some enemas the morning of, and one the 2nd morning.  Just to make sure.  But no more stones came out after the first morning.  I will assume that is a good thing.  I really don't currently feel like I should do another one next month, so i will play it by ear/feel and do another one when I think I need it. 


  1. Today, 8/15/10 ad I did my fifth LGC-AM, only 150-200 stones, most of them small and black. No throw-ups. The throw up may happen if by 9:30 - 9:50 you do not have a bowel movement (it is said in the book). So lets share our experience.

    1. Good sharing, yes, liver dysfunction adversely affects the digestive, immune, endocrine, circulatory and nervous systems in a variety of ways. I would recommend Lifestream Chlorella supplement. It contains a high concentration of chlorophyII, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), nucleic aids, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals all beneficial to overall liver health maintenance and restoration. Read more at:

    2. A less expensive way for the enemas is to buy a "water bottle" and do your own. I use a coffee or a garlic concoction, if you prefer, use chamomile tea.

  2. Oh, good to know! I have had the BMs and still thrown up the last 2 times. I got the book from the library again to see what he said about it. It's fascinating, isn't it? I wonder what black stones mean. Newer maybe? Or something different altogether. I'm amazed at the vast amount of stones coming out!


  4. I moved my 'diary' here:

  5. I feel that if you followed the instructions you could have avoided throwing up. I have been cleansing and have passed roughly the same number of stones as you, but I never threw up and only felt nauseous the first time. I followed Andrea's instructions re the vegan diet and the enemas before and after and I am convinced these 2 steps are very important. Enema kit is not expensive, you just do it 4 or 5 times after until you see no stones, and you can see for yourself how they can get stuck and make you feel ill if you don't wash them out. Good luck and hope you stick at it!

  6. I just ordered a home colonic board. it looks pretty simpe

  7. I'm just ending the cleanse - drinking my last epsom salt drink - yum - not really. But anyway, I followed the program to a tee except my timing was off a bit but it's been very successful. I had a colonic yesterday which I believe is necessary and I'm passing stones like nobody's business. They are mostly pee green colored an pee sized or smaller. Last night, after drinking the juice/oil mixture (which was kind of good tasting actually), I did feel slightly nauseous but it passed. I'm gonna continue this cleanse till I get rid of all the stones!

  8. I am on my second LGBC the last one i did was 2 years ago. Colonics kind of freak me out, so the person that gave me the book suggested this product instead (which i have used for the last 10 years and love dearly)
    I did that to clean out the bowels for a week or two before, and then after and I thought it worked great.
    A friend of mine always says, there's no right or wrong, only good, better and best.
    I had GREAT relief from the last cleanse I did. I am a teeth clench-er and have bad periods/fibroid- and I never felt more relaxed or balanced for about 3 months after.
    I am looking forward to the relief again.
    thanks for posting your experience.

    1. Thanks for the link on the fiberblend. I think am going to try this rather than the colonics... it's freaky and also expensive. Thanks!

    2. apparently colonics/enemas were done as long ago as ancient Egypt. They really are not bad when you get used to them. I think it's very 'American' to be squeamish about them. :) But if you need them, they are a nice option, and not expensive. The kids is $20 on amazon. for the enema I mean. Colonics are expensive.

  9. Just heard about this book through a Vegan/Vegetarian meet up group that my husband and I belong to, and decided to do some research on the web for it, came across this blog and saw the comments about how you think the Vegan lifestyle does not nourish the body. You could not be more wrong. And knowing scripture I believe that is what God intended, during Noah's time he gave "permission" to eat of certain animals, which again, I think was God's permissive will but not his perfect will for us. However, I became Vegan to cure my diabetes and alas, I no longer have it. My husbands allergies have totally disappeared. There are several website also that display just how healthy this way of eating is,, and these bodies are built on Vegan diets.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I personally believe that after the Garden and esp after the flood, with sin entering the world and genetic information being lost over the generations, God knew that our frail bodies would be subjected to serious consequences, and one way he designed us to deal with them was to allow us to find nourishment from other living beings. The Scriptures are clear that humans ate meat, and that God allowed and encouraged it. A plant-based diet is great for bodies not subjected to sin. But sin-ravaged bodies can seldom exist healthy, long-term on plants alone. My opinion, although I have reached it after a lot of research and prayer. To God be the glory ultimately, in whatever path we felt led down. Treating our bodies as His temples and doing the best, with what knowledge we have, to take care of them, is all we are asked to do.

  10. this is my third time I am very please with the results I will be doing the oil/grape juice tomorrow but I had developed a pain in the right side of my body were my liver is I am kind of concern I don't remember what the book said at that I landed to my brother.

    1. I agree with 711 gal. Adam and Eve didn't eat meat and God only allowed man to eat meat as in all probability the land after the flood may not have been optimum for vegetation for a while. As you say also, God never makes us do anything and gave us the option to eat meat if we wanted to but I totally agree, if it'd been the best thing for us he'd have given it to Adam and Eve from their creation. Having said all that, our bodies have to some extent adapted to eat meat because they've had to and so a little free range organic meat (non pork and meat that's been bled thoroughly) probably does little harm to the health occasionally. Having said all that I am a vegan and will hopefully get up to 75% raw vegan soon. That way I feel fantastic and just don't get ill. Doing my second flush tonight, very excited! PS I cannot say enough how very important you have a colonic or enemas after each flush, vital! Before too if possible.

    2. Jen, I thought the book said to wait to do a cleanse until a new moon? The new moon is June 19th, 2012. I will be doing mine then.

    3. If you start today, the actual cleanse will take place on Tuesday (June 19th, 2012), which is the new moon. You could also do the cleanse on Wednesday the 20th. This is my plan.

    4. Did you ever figure out what the pain on the right side was? maybe stones moving up in the liver, ready to be flushed again?

  11. Hi everyone. I just completed my 4th cleanse and had a very powerful release. My situation is a bit more complex as I had my first gallstone attack in Feb. 2011. They removed my gallbladder in April, and I continued to have two more attacks, one on August and then again in January 2012. I finally decided to do something about it and began the journey with liver cleansing. Not having a gallbladder has made digestion a bit of a nightmare and thus the Vegan diet has helped a ton! This last cleanse was rough as very large stones were released and I chose not to do the colonic before. I will never do that again! The colonics are extremely important and after a week and 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions, I did get rid of some nasty toxins as well as parasites. Yes, parasites. Anyhow, I ask moving up the frequency of my cleanses to every 3 weeks as I am more determined than ever to get rid of the stones. As for the diet, Vegan keeps everything moving if you have digestive issues. Good luck everyone!

    1. If you find that you start developing other health issues, considering reading Nourishing Traditions and/or Gut and Psychology Syndrome. About implementing nourishing, healing diets that include animal products in ways the body can best digest them.

  12. I just did my first cleanse, ending it the 17'th of June. I actually tried doing a different liver flush about five years ago and ended up having to do the final stage while having a fever and in the end I'm not sure if a passed anything. It was quite different than this one and a coffee enema was invovled, so it was hard to see anything. For that reason I was a bit skeptic about whether I would pass any stones. I did everything to a t - except the colonics, I used some sennes tea before the flush, since my enema bags hadn't arrived yet, and then did the enemas after, which cleared out some amount of very small stones and a lot of foul smelling liquid. I ended up really happy with the results - I passed about 20 larger stones, between the size of my thumb- and pinkie nail, and a lot of smaller stones - all varying in darkness, but all green. I think the lighter in colour, the newer the stones? unless red or black... I don't remember whether Andreas writes anything about black stones? Can't wait to see what the next cleanse will bring!

    1. Have you done any others? I hope they have been as successful, and that your overall health is improving. black stones, kidney stones? I don't recall now, it's been too long since I read the book.

  13. I am starting with Apple Juice today, and I am going to be juicing ONLY for the next six days ... Raw, Organic, Fresh-Squeezed. I wish I had thought about the new moon! Should I do a colonic? Should I do an enema? I have never done either. Can you explain when I should do them? Now? In six days??? Thanks so much!

    1. I believe enemas are helpful to get any feces and stones that are stuck, out. You don't want the stones sitting in your colon, creating toxic wastes. So the enemas are to make sure they get out of your body altogether. I did not do them at first and still found the cleanse helpful. But i do struggle with constipation as a general rule, so I am glad I added it to my cleanse repertoire.

  14. I'm wondering if anyone knows that if I didn't quite do the apple juice part right - would that make me have alot of pain? I only ask because I do have gall bladder problems and I was wondering about pain?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Deborah, I believe that the apple juice makes the stones softer, so they pass easier. I couldn't do it, and had only small stones thankfully.

  15. I was having gall bladder attacks but had no health insurance at the time so I got on the internet and read up on gall bladder cleanses after the first painful attack. I did it about 5 times and passed thouldsands of stones. The olive oil mixture was extremely hard to gag down. I would spend two + days on the toilet. When I finally got insurance back I was still full of gall stones. The Dr. said I was making them faster than I could get rid of them. I had gall bladder surgery and haven't had any more problems.

    1. Hi, what do you mean faster than you could get rid of them? you had too many? and the flushes weren't enough? any info would help. I just finished my first flush. Thanks!

  16. Did you do the whole apple juice thing also?

    1. I did the apple juice thing for the first one. But I can't stand apple juice, and have had candida problems. I drink a lot of kombucha and add apple juice to it, so I decided that was hopefully enough. I did not pass any large stones, so did not find it painful at all. If you are passing large stones, I believe the apple juice softens them up, making them easier to pass.

  17. My first cleanse: 100-200 stones (from sesame seed size to peanut size)

    Second cleanse: 400 plus (from sesame seed size to grape size)

    Third cleanse: over 1000, too many to count (mostly small and clustered together)

    1. Yeah! Isn't it amazing? No wonder our bodies weren't working properly, our livers were too clogged to do their job!

  18. I also suffered from Candida and don't drink the Apple Juice. I bought Malic Acid ( it is what softens the stones) at my Health Food Store and mixed 1 Tablespoon in 32 oz of water and stirred in 2 Tablespoons of Tart Cherry Juice concentrate to mask the malic acid flavor. I sipped this mixture throughout the day.

    I have also used Gold Coin Grass, which is an excellent stone softener too.

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