Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some 'Travel Food' Ideas

My MIL took the whole family to Lancaster, PA for 2 nights in a hotel for Christmas. We had such a wonderful time!  We spent most of the time in the pool-just the way we like it.

We ate out a few times, but the hotel had a small fridge, so I was able to bring some food along as well.  It worked out really well.  Other then the meals out, we just stayed and ate right in our hotel room.  So nourishing, convenient and cheap! 

This summer, the kids and I took a trip out to see my family in Iowa. We spent a night in a hotel on the way there, and on the way home.  And I did the same for those trips.

I'm sure over time I'll find other things to bring along, but for now, I'm happy with what we had and thought I'd share.  These also make great 'picnic' foods. 

Great Hotel Foods (you could also put them in a cooler with ice-I did that for the Iowa trip):

1. Hard boiled eggs.  They are soo easy.  They travel well, stay good in the shell for a few days and are rather versatile.  We brought some salt and mayo and plastic knives.

2.  Cheese-we brought our two favorites, mozzarella and cheddar.  Again, very portable and fun.  Put them together with the eggs and they make a nice 'sandwich'.  I cut them into sticks before we left, so that made it easier to serve at the hotel.

3.  Milk-we brought our raw milk in glass quart jars with the canning lids.  They don't leak and fit perfectly in the little refrigerators.

4.  Granola-bring some bowls, or use the cups the hotel provides.  We put raisins in ours, which also travel well.

5.  Nuts-I did not get them soaked for this last trip.  But crispy nuts of any kind are very yummy and full of good fats to make you full for a long time. You can even flavor them for an extra 'special' treat.

6.  Smoothie-they last for at least 24 hours.  I put them in the glass jars and they did not leak.  Just shake them good before you pour them into the cups.  With raw egg yolks, they are very filling and nourishing. 

7.  Kombucha-esp good if you eat out and have an upset stomach afterwards.

8.  Caramel Corn-great for eating while watching movies. :) 

9.  Broth-I did this last time and it was great.  I had been eating poorly so my blood sugar dropped quickly and often.  Broth kept me steadier then anything else I had brought.  I simmered it with chopped garlic and ginger root (lots of both) and salt.  After it cooled, I poured it into the glass jars.  When I wanted it at the hotel, I put some water through the coffee maker so it got nice and hot, and I filled a glass jar half full with the hot water and then filled it with the broth.  It wasn't perfect, but it was drinkable and I was glad to have it! 

10.  Nut bars-these were esp great for those times when the kids needed some protein, but didn't want to get out of the pool long enough for a meal.

11.  Peanut Butter Fudge-it's definitely a treat, but nice to have.  Unlike the coconut fudge, it does not melt if not refrigerated.

12.  Fruit and veggies-esp apples, grapes and carrot sticks.

13.  Yogurt-we likes our sweetened with honey and strawberries, so I did that in advance.  It tasted yummy 2 days after I had mixed them together. 

15.  Peanut butter-just eat if off of the spoon or dip the apples and carrots in it.

16. Beef Jerky-I made it for the trip to Iowa and it was a lifesaver for my meat-needy son. 

17.  Leftover fish and roast-I know it sounds weird, but I personally really enjoyed them.  the kids wouldn't touch them. 

18.  Canned Kipper-I buy it for $2 at WMF. I enjoy the taste and it keeps me going for a long time.  It's an easy-flip lid and you just need a fork.  The only downside is that the container stinks.  I usually put it in a trash can outside the room. :) 

On a non-food note, I also found our Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap worked great. I poured some into a leak-proof container and it worked as our all around bathroom soap (hands, body, shampoo/conditioner and shaving cream) as well as a dish soap for the dishes you have to do when you bring your own food.

Travel season is past, but I wanted to make sure I posted these in case I forget what to take next time! :)

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