Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking Back and Moving Forward

I thought I had written a post on goals for 2009.  I didn't see it, so I must have done it in my head, but never on the actual blog.  I really wish I had, since I'm blown away by the changes that were made in 2009.  So... I decided to type up some goals for 2010 and note some amazing changes that took place in 2009-so I can give praise to God for His mercies. :) 

Looking Back on 2009:

Spiritually, I have grown by leaps and bounds.  By far and away, the area I have grown the most in in 2009 is in my relationship with God.  And how did I do that you ask?  Well, by communicating with him of course.  The only way to work on any relationship.  :)  While far from perfect (and not legalistic-woo hoo!), I have been faithful in committing my morning, 20-60 minutes, in the Word.  I read through the Bible once and am starting again, but a little more intensely.  It's very exciting!  I didn't do it every day, but it was  a vast improvement from 2008, for certain.  The kids have started sleeping in until after 7, which was a huge help for me.  :)

Emotionally, definitely tied to my spiritual growth.  I am a sensitive person by nature.  It's how God made me in order to bring glory to him.  But I've always been too sensitive-to the wrong things.  Through my time in communication with God, I've come to appreciate how God made me.  I've learned to stay away from things that would otherwise make me an emotional wreck (videos, books, music, people).  And use my sensitivities for helping others in need.  It's pretty neat!  And my husband and kids have definitely benefited from it the most.

Marriage, Drew and I have come a LONG ways in 2009.  We like to joke that we have been 'happily married' for 4 years (we realized now we can say 5), although we will celebrate 9 years in May. Ugh, we both brought a lot of baggage into the marriage.  Some days I think of what we went through and how far we've come and I'm amazed that we're still together!  Divorce was never really an option for us, but we definitely were both guilty of wishing the other would make the choice for us.  Thankfully, we don't think that anymore.  And the vast majority of the time, we actually enjoy being together. :)  I believe the majority of issues we have left to work on are chemical/physical and need to be worked on from that end rather then relational.

Parenting, another one of those areas that I am shocked at my personal growth. And in the growth of the children.  They actually obey me now!  It's amazing.  My own spiritual growth was a necessary first step here, and the 2nd necessary step was the nutrition.  We have a long ways to go, but I'm finally looking forward to the growth and I think the kids might actually turn out to be pretty decent adults.  Woo hoo!!

Education, Myia is in 1st grade. Technically, we've been 'homeschooling' for a semester.  I'm not happy with where we are, but I am happy with how far we've come. It's one of the areas that I really need to just keep changing and trying things until I find what works for us.  She is one smart whipper snapper!  And I love having her home and learning with her.

Nutrition-of course, this is what this blog is about. My journey in the area of nutrition.  While I believe my spiritual growth was the most critical in all areas of my life, this is the 2nd most important one.  It has affected every other area of our lives.  The children are much calmer, in part due to their bodies being better nourished and less desperate.  Drew's moods are somewhat more steady due to his body not having such intense needs.  And mine, well, I have a long ways to go, but I did see progress in my not having as many 'tired spells' or as severe sinus problems.  And this is the first Christmas (I realize the winter is just started) that we have not all gotten the flu bug since Myia has been born.  That is reason to rejoice! 

Some major nutrition-related praises from 2009:

1.  We like soups.  We really do.  I wouldn't say we 'love' them yet, and I'm still working on our loving broth from a cup.  But in 2008 we hates soups of all kinds.  Woo hoo!!!

2.  The kids eat foods they don't like without too much fight.  They still whine about the stuff they really don't like. And I can't blame them. But they eat it and we talk about how I want them to learn to actually like the stuff (at this point, it's liver and canned salmon mostly, and hamburger for Myia).  Huge, huge, huge for us!!!  I never made my kids eat anything they didn't want to eat until the middle of last year.  That's a big change for a 6 year old!

3.  Daily foods include: kefir, kombucha, yogurt, broth and eggs.

4.  We eat liver and canned salmon every other week without too much flinching or dry heaving.  :)

5.  We severely cut down on our grains this year.  I only make sourdough bread with freshly ground grains.  And we eat mostly brown rice. 

6.  I have our weekly menu down so it's not too expensive and quite nourishing and simple.

Goals for 2010

I like goals, I am a very goal-oriented person.  I've learned that life is a goal, and there is no rush to get there.  So the kids and I made a list of things to pray about and work towards in 2010.  No guilt if we don't get there, but it's fun to have things to work towards also. 

Spiritually-I want to keep going.  I want to be in the Word daily.  I would like to work on my prayer life. That has always been weak.  I listen to God well, but am not sure exactly how to talk to him. I do it throughout the day, but I'd like to work on a more concentrated,conscience prayer life.  Making a prayer journal, praying through it daily and writing in when God answers a prayer, etc.

Emotionally- I think the majority of our growth needs to come from the nourishment/biochemical areas at this point.  Not that we're perfect of course.

Marriage-Same as the above. We need to keep working on communicating and being open and honest.  But our moods are our biggest hindrances right now, and they are deeply connected to what we eat, so that is where I hope to see the biggest growth this year.  And if our moods settle down, our relationship will grow naturally I believe.  I would like us to do some sort of Bible study and pray together daily.  Even if only for 10 minutes.  And to use our weekend evenings, after the kids are asleep, to spend more 'quality time' together rather then go our separate ways.  That is the only time we have together with out the kids, so we need to use it wisely. 

Parenting-Broken record...  Again, I believe that nutrition is super important here.  But I also need to continue to be consistent with them.  I need to up my expectations as they can handle it.  Making them clean their rooms and holding them responsible for bad decisions they make.  We read a Bible story book daily that we love.  I also want to pick a passage and read it daily until we have it memorized.  And do more with prayer/prayer journals with them also.

Education-To keep trying and figuring out what works.  I have concentrated more on character development, which I think is the most important.  So I think I just need to keep trying to find the right balance between responsibility and learning.  Keeping both fun and exciting, while also teaching them perseverance and pride in a job well done.  It's so personal for each of them also.  And it changes as they change.  I hope to see a lot of progress in this area in 2010, but oddly enough, I have no idea where I want to go with it.  Which is sort of weird and disconcerting for me. :)

Financial, we finally cut up our credit card.  Woohoo!  So now we need to adjust our lifestyle to match our income and pay off the debt. But we are at least going in the right direction.  *big sigh of relief*

Nutrition-same song, second verse.  I'm soo happy with where we are, but there is always room for improvement.  So, on that note, here are some of my 2010 nutritional goals:

1.  Eat liver and canned seafood weekly-and like it. Both for their price and dense nutrition.

2.  Try a GAPS type diet to sort out any possible allergies.  I'm wondering about dairy, nuts and wheat specifically.

3.  Drink bone broth every day-a decent amount.

4.  Consume coconut oil daily.

5.  Learn to make and like fish broth-with fish heads esp.

6.  Keep learning more about how God made our bodies to work, and how best to take care of them.

7.  Afford and take cod liver oil daily.

8.  Learn to make cheese and make a cheese and butter from my farmer's spring milk supply-when the nutrients are the highest.  That may end up being a 2011 goal. :)

9.  Cut out more refined carbs from our diet.

10. Cut grains more from our diets.  Even properly prepared ones.  At least for a time.  Rice seems to be acceptable, so I'll keep that in our diets.

11.  Make and consume fermented veggies daily.

12.  Work hard towards figuring out our mood issues and reversing them.

13.  Work at strengthening our teeth and taking better care of them.

14.  Finding and implementing natural cures for colds, flues, etc.

15.  Taking my master tonic and raw garlic daily.

16.  Finding more ways of eating and enjoying eggs for meals other then breakfast.

17.  Working on our 'suppers'. Making them more simple, nourishing and yummy. 

My Number One goal for 2010-and life-is to glorify God in all we do.  Ultimately, that is all that matters.

Lord, we give 2010 to you. I pray you would be glorified in and through the Innis family in 2010.  I pray all we do would draw us closer to you.  Thank you for your blessings of life and love and forgiveness.  Thank  you for the best gift-your son Jesus.  You are so good and amazing!


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  1. Happy New Year Sarah! :) I haven't popped in for a while, and wanted to say hello.

    Congratulations on all the wonderful achievements your family made in 2009. You have come a long way!

    My husband has had sinus issues for years. Every spring and fall without fail, he would get an infection that resulted in antibiotics (sometimes more than one round of them). This past fall when he felt one coming on, I asked him if he would like me to look online for a natural treatment. He did. I found thousands of testimonials for raw apple cider vinegar. The stuff seems to be a miracle treatment for just about everything, not just sinus issues. Anyway, he started drinking what we call "the concoction" every morning and every night. Guess what? IT WORKED! The symptoms he was feeling disappeared, and never developed into an infection. He hasn't had any issues again, so far (fingers crossed!). Here is the concoction:

    1 cup hot (not boiling) water
    2 Tablespoons raw ACV
    1 teaspoon honey

    He drinks it like tea.

    We love this fritatta for dinner. It's a great way to eat eggs, other than for breakfast!

    Take care. :)