Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Anchor Holds

I had mentioned here about a conversation I had with a friend.  It's funny how much I learn and come to understand myself through conversations with people.  And the understanding almost always come after the fact, when I've had time to chew on the conversation.

This particular conversation was much like that, except that in the middle of it, I came to see and appreciate something I had taken for granted for years, without ever really appreciating.  And that 'thing' is a belief - a real, true gut-level, proved by science, history and my own personal experience - in a real, true, big, all-powerful, infinite, all-knowing, all-perfect 'being'.

Life, as we know it, has lots of ups and downs.  There is a lot that is taken for granted and even more that is hoped, guessed and wished for.  But I think, if we are all honest with ourselves, one thing everyone in the world longs for, is security.  A hope and an assurance that everything is going to be ok in the end.  Religions have been developed around this want/need.  Mighty nations have battled over this need.  It has driven the world since the beginning of history. 

And I personally find myself desperately longing for that sometimes elusive sense of security and purpose.  To know, that when the final book is closed, when my own life is ended, there really is something more to it all then just me getting by from one day to the next.  That when my great grandchildren are struggling with their dependence on drugs for every day living, that there really is a higher 'power' that is orchestrating everything to some sort of finale. 

And I have that.  I have a 'hope', not just a wishful thinking hope.  But a hope that is an anticipation of things to come.  I KNOW what is coming.  I know what I am on this earth for.  I know my purpose in life.  I know my children's purpose in life.  I know that in the end, it will all work out how it's supposed to.  And the best part is-I'm not in charge! 

I am a control freak, it's true.  But when I step back and look at life and all the responsibilities and nuances and probabilities and impossibilities, I don't want to be in control. It's simply too much.  I can't possible turn it all out for good.  But thankfully, I don't have to!

You see, I know something. I know something big!  I know-are you ready for this- I know the Creator of this whole world!  I know the very being big enough, strong enough, intelligent enough, to speak into existence the earth and all it's intricacies.  The solar system and all of it's amazing properties.  The galaxies that extended billions of lights years in all directions.  (Genesis 1:9)

Zoooooom in and see the wonders of the earth's climates, it's proximity to the sun and moon.  The very qualities of the earth that allow a living, breathing human being to live on it and thrive and carry on life from one generation to the next.  To think and learn and study.  To have needs and figure out how to have those needs meet.

And not only do I know him, but I am loved by him (Psalm 119).  The very creator of everything you see around you, loves YOU!  Think of going to a really popular Broadway play, and then meeting the producer.  Imagine him seeking you out, asking what you thought of the show.  You'd feel pretty important, right?  Now magnify that times a billion, and imagine the being capable of creating the intricate body, and the beautiful majestic waterfall, and the black holes in space, coming to you and saying 'I created all of this for you to enjoy'.  It's breathtaking!  Simply amazing!  But He did.  He created all of this for us, so we can see and testify that He really is God.  We have no excuse the bible says.  We either choose to believe Him, or we don't.  But He has displayed his awesome wonders for everyone to see. 

And, take a deep breath, He knows all of the craziness that is going on around us. He knows the sadness from death and disease. He knows that what we are putting into and on our bodies is slowly killing us.  He did not create it that way.  When Eve sinned, the rest of the world followed suit and has been in a slow decline ever since.  The world is waxing away and will do so until Jesus returns to create a new heaven and a new earth (Revelations 21).  But this is not the end. We have a hope, an assurance, that someday life will be as it was meant to be.  That the deep longing in our heart will be fulfilled.  If we have chosen to believe that the God of the Bible is real and in charge, and that we are sinners that were created for much more.  And the only way to experience what we were created for is to acknowledge our sin and it's necessary separation from a Holy God who can not tolerate sin.  And in God's ultimate plan for those he loves, the acceptance of Jesus' blood as a covering for our sin, making us ultimately sinless before almighty God.  And on earth, being able to enjoy a partial fulfillment of our true destiny, and looking forward to the full fulfillment of that destiny in Heaven. 

I base everything I know, believe and think to be true on that.  My history starts with Genesis 1:1-In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.  And when He created that, he knew what he was doing, and he knew what life would be like 6 thousand years later. 

God designed our human bodies.  He knows what it needs to operate properly.  There is truth, and there is a Creator who cares about his creation.  I may never fully know or understand that truth. But I can continue to search and try to understand it as best as I can, while praying to the Creator and trusting him to guide me in that search.  What a comforting thought! 

My Anchor Holds Through the Storms of Life

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