Monday, December 21, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Hee hee. Silly me.  I posted the regular Meal Plan, but didn't think about the fact that it's Christmas.  I can get pretty focused sometimes.  :)  

My very generous MIL is taking the whole family to Lancaster, PA for 2 nights-count them 2-in a hotel!  We'll obviously be eating out some.  But I am also going to bring along cut up pieces of cheese, granola, milk, yogurt, smoothies and some peanut butter for in the hotel for the meals we actually stay in the hotel for (they have a refrigerator-woo hoo!).  I would like us to eat relatively nourishing, esp considering we will all have a much more fun time if we are comfortable and sane.  I'm noting more and more how the wrong foods turn us into grouchy, unstable, selfish, easily annoyed people.  Not a great way to be on a vacation! 

So, Merry Christmas to you all.  Enjoy the wonderful birthday of our Lord and Savior.  

Breakfast and supper options

Lunch, served with kombucha for all:
Monday: Chicken Soup
Tuesday:Liver and Rice Casserole
Wednesday: Beef Stew
Thursday: Chicken and Onion Tacos on Corn Tortillas with white sauce
Friday: Christmas Brunch at my in-laws and then off to Lancaster.  Woo hoo!!  
Saturday: Vacation
Sunday: Vacation

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