Friday, December 4, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

I didn't get a chance to post last Friday, so this one has quite a few links that I have enjoyed.

1.  (Bummer! This did not post for some reason and I have no idea where to find it again.)  This is an article written by a doctor on the affects, or rather, lack of affects of high cholesterol/high fat diets on heart disease.  It's a must read for people who believe that things like red meat, saturated fats and eggs cause heart disease, obesity, etc.  More and more, refined carbs are being incriminated in place of the previously mentioned 'high cholesterol' food products.  It's too bad we're so unhealthy and addicted to those simple carb when this is finally coming to light. 

2.  Cheeseslave shared her all-purpose cleaner recipes.  It's pretty much what I use also-vinegar and water.  I have not yet used essential oils, but I like the idea.

3.  This was a good article on what to do when you want to make changes in your family's diet, but your husband is not on boar with those changes.  I pretty much did the same thing and Drew has slowly came on board with me. It was more work, but worth it! 

4.  This is a great review on Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon.  Great book! 

5.  A simple tutorial for how to make your own vanilla extract. I've meant to do this for a year now and have not invested in the vanilla beans.  I even bought a perfect sized little glass jar and have vodka in it.  I just need to buy the beans! :) 

6.  I LOVE this eco-friendly shopping bag set.

7. This is a great list of  places to get Christmas gifts that support great causes.   

8.  Alternatives for coffee, and some great reasons why it's better to not consume it regularly. 

9.  This is a great new blog I found and some great coconut body product recipes (toothpaste, eye make-up remover, body scrub and deodorant). 

10.  This is a  tutorial (part 2) on sauerkraut and a neat way to keep the stuff submerged in the liquid brine.  I want one!   She sells them on etsy

11.  Make ahead meatballs. We love meatballs, so the idea of having them in the freezer for easy meals is wonderful! 


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