Saturday, November 28, 2009

Root Canal Cover-Up by George E. Meinig

I finished this book a few weeks ago and keep meaning to do a 'review'.  I find it really helps me to think through what I've learned in a book, if I 'talk it out'.

It's a fascinating book!  It was first published in 1993.  I read the 4th edition, written in 1997.  Not sure why they had 4 editions in 4 years.

It was written by a dentist and endondist (root canal specialist), George Meinig, and written for the purpose of exposing root canals problems to both patients and dentists.  While it did get technical at times, it was overall, a very easy book to follow and very enlightening.

Hid 'credentials' and history were impressive.  Meinig taught dentists how to perform root canals for 20+ years.  He was one of the 19 founding members of the 'American Association of Endodontists', and performed thousands of root canals himself.  He also worked for 20 years as a director of the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.  He did believe in overall nutritional health for caring for one's teeth.  But he also believed that saving dead teeth was important, and so root canals were the best option if proper nutrition had not been able to save a tooth.

That all changed when he somewhat inadvertently got a hold of, and eventually read, a copy of Dr. Weston Price's books 'Dental Infection, Oral and Systemic' and 'Dental Infections and the Degenerative Diseases'.  A total of 1174 pages, weighing 9 pounds!  No wonder it took him awhile to actually get to reading it. :)  It came to his attention because of another Dentist named Hal Huggins, whose books I really want to read also (One on mercury fillings and how it causes degenerative diseases, and a second one on overall dental care and how it affects your health).  He looks like an amazing dentist, check out his website.      

After Meinig read Price's work, he felt compelled to 'buck the system' and get the truth into the public's hands.  'The purpose of writing a book about this subject, was to alert people everywhere about the extensive and meticulous 25 years research program of Dr. Weston A. Price, and how the discoveries he made rank right up there with the greatest medical discoveries of all time. "

Dr. Price's own son had died of an infected root canal (not mentioned in this book. I read it on the WAPF site).  Which caused him to do a lot more research on root canals, as they were becoming routine when he was practicing dentistry.  He found that many patients who had degenerative diseases, when a non-infected root-canaled tooth was removed, healed completely of their degenerative diseases.

One woman, whose pictures are in this book, had severe arthritis.  She had developed it over the 6 years before coming to see Dr. Price and was confined to a wheelchair.  When he removed a seemingly uninfected tooth that had a root canal under it, she was healed even to the point of being able to do needlework and walk with no assistance.  Dr. Price, being the genius that he was, decided to implant the infected tooth under the skin of a rabbit.  Within 2 days, the rabbit developed the same symptoms as the woman, and died 8 days later.  He continued doing other such experiments for the next 25 years. 

Now all dentists know that infected teeth, gums, canals, etc, can cause major physical damage, including degenerative diseases.  But they assumed (and still do) that once the canal was filled, the tooth could no longer cause any of those issues.  They assumed that any bacteria in the tooth would be killed, due to a lack of blood and oxygen.

However, Mr. Price assumed, and eventually proved, that that was not the case.  What he found (and has since been proven with stronger microscopes then were available in his time) was that the tooth has 3 miles of tubules (each tooth!) that have various bacteria living in them.  Rather then dying after a root canal, the bacteria (mostly streptococcus-fecalis) mutate from being aerobic (needing air) to anaerobic bacteria. And they also create a toxic substance that can go through the tubules, dentin and enamel and into the bloodstream.  They (the bacteria and the toxins) then go through the bloodstream and they usually pick a 'host' to which they attach and cause it to degenerate over time.  If the person has a strong immune system, it can fight them, but as soon as stress or some sort of immune problem arises, the bacteria become stronger and cause severe degeneration. 

This is VERY simple of course.  But that is about the level I can understand it. :)  If you want to learn more, I would highly suggest reading the book. 

Weston Price used over 500 rabbits a year for 25 years and continually proved the same thing.  Not every instance of degenerative disease was healed by taking out seemingly innocuous root canals, but many did. And like Meinig said, it's cheaper and easier to start there, when looking for healing from a disease.  People are willing to have invasive sugeries of all types, but why not start with the root canals and diet? 

Meinig still thinks that keeping a tooth is important (for mastication and jaw structure), but new research needs to be done to see about actually sterilizing root canals and their tubules. 

I do not have any root canals, but my husband has two.  And I hope to be able to have the teeth removed (most of them have broken off already) and the filling from the roots removed as well. I still need to research and decide on specific tooth care for me and my family.  I want to buy some tooth powder that I've heard a lot about.  I also want to get us rinsing daily with salt water and Drew and I to oil pull daily.  Right now I use my own tooth paste powder, but I'm not sure it's great (not bad, just not real helpful either).  And the kids don't do anything at all.

I still need to read up on dental health. But this was a great place to start!

This is a part of Real Food Wednesday and Fight Back Friday.


  1. Very interesting! Thank you so much for this information. I came very close to a root canal a few weeks ago, but my dentist was able to get a filling in instead. I think he felt sorry for me because we don't have insurance. Otherwise, I would probably have a root canal right now! I knew there had to be another option.

    I found your blog via Real Food Wednesday and will add it to my feed.

  2. Hi Paula, it's a very interesting (and distressing) subject to read up on. My husband's teeth are an absolute mess. And I realized a few years ago that the truth in the medical field is buried and must be found through much prayer and thoughtful reading. So I have been praying over the issue and I believe (I hope...) that God has lead me to what I'm currently reading, in hopes of finding help for my poor hubby! Of course, unlike nutrition, I can not do the work myself, so it's going to be terribly costly. NO idea where that will come from, but I'm still praying!! And meanwhile, trying to educate myself on the subject as thoroughly as possible.
    I'm reading up on mercury in fillings and it's affect on the body. I'll post on that soon hopefully. Yikes, it's intense!

    Thanks for reading it and commenting! :)

  3. Thank you for this! I have even more to learn about dental health. I know some of the basics such as facts about fluoride, but there's still SO much more for me to go.

  4. psychiclunch-isn't it depressing? Up until a few years ago, I really did think that the government/medical establishment knew what was true and had my best interests in mind. But I have since learned that I was hoodwinked, and that is simply not true. Now sometimes I get overwhelmed, realizing that all I grew up assuming was true, quite possibly is not. And that means a LOT of research, learning and prayer on my part. Until I can dig for, and hopefully eventually find truth.

    Even if it's just to make an informed decision of bad verses worse. Like what kind of fillings to put in a cavity. It's own enamel is the only truly 'good' choice, the rest are simply deciding what is the lesser of the evils. But I can no longer assume that the dentist that is 'university trained' really does know the truth.

    And the same goes for nutrition, medical doctors, pediatricians, teachers... All of those wonderful people who are trained by the government controlled colleges. They are not trained to 'think'. They are indoctrinated with what certain people think is truth.

    Kind of frustrating and overwhelming once your eyes are opened to it all!

  5. I found your blog through Real Food Wed. Thank you for the book review. I will have to put that on my list. :)

    We have a metal free dentist. He wants to replace all of our fillings with Resin. My oldest's is replaced with Resin. The rest of us still have metal fillings. One problem: Our insurance will only cover a certain percentage of it. They will cover the metal filling more than the resin. Isn't that silly?!?!

    So we will do this little at a time. I want the kids done first though then my dh and I will be last if we choose to do it. Our dentist said that the other two kids will have to wait a bit longer due to the insurance coverage. They will only cover their portion of this if it has been more than 3 years. :(

    We found this wonderful dentist after a long search. He is also ok with no flouride. :) He does offer it but does not pressure at all. :)



  6. Thank you for providing this review. I came across this information after going through my own health crisis hell with root canals in the last 5 months.
    My knee started hurting shortly after I got a root canal on an infected tooth last August. At the time I didn't make the connection.(Even though in the spring I had a small bout of joint pain while I had a bad tooth and an adjacent root canal removed because of decay. The pain then stopped within a week.)
    With my latest bout of pain, I kept looking for cause and effect. Even my doctor was mystified as to what set off a serious bout of arthritis in my left knee. The pain increased steadily to a point where it was affecting my sleep at night. I took more and more pain killers and started looking at my diet for something that was triggering it. I started taking various supplements including a liver cleanse. Nothing worked...and I was becoming desperate. Then 2 days before Christmas, the area near the offending root canal twinged with pain when I bit on an almond. Within 2 days I was on antibiotics to try and control the pain and swelling under my bridge. I couldn't get a dentist until Jan 4th. That one week between Christmas and my dental visit was a nightmare of pain between my teeth and knee pain.
    When I finally got to the dentist, I had not only the offending root canal removed but also another root canal which showed decay and a normal tooth which was showing decay, all under the bridge. Within 24 hours the pain in my knee subsided substantially and I was off pain killers. I started taking ionic colloidal silver and that helped with the healing and removing any residual infection. By January 8th my sleep was back to normal with very little pain during the day. However since then I noticed the pain start to come back into my knee and I have realized I have another root canal in the same general area which seems sensitive around the gum line. So I am going back to have it removed in 2 days.
    I hope as many people as are able to read this wake up to the fact that root canals can cause serious health problems. I thought I was crazy to draw the connection until I Goggled root canal and joint pain and Dr Meinig's book popped up.
    Thank you for doing a review. Hopefully it will help others,

  7. I have known about the problems with root canals and amalgm fillings for a few years. I went to a biologic dentist in the Houston area, and that's when my nightmare began. He removed 5 fillings and in the process of breathing the nitrous oxide, I began having panic attack. It took everything in me to continue the procedure. After about two weeks, I began having surging pain in my right jaw and sinus. The panic attacks started again when I went two days without sleep due to pain. Two weeks after that I began having burning pain in my tongue, scalp, forehead, nose and around my left eye. I could barely eat and lost 15 pounds in two months. It was a nightmare for about seven months. I developed TMJ after that procedure and I believe the doctor injected nerves. Please be very careful who you choose to do your dental work. I also have five root canals. Three happened due to injury of the teeth I had the amalgm removed from. Now I have burning pain in my extremities and abdomin. I believe it is from the root canals as well as all the stress my body has been under during that time. If there is anyone who knows of a good dentist to remove my root canals, I would love to hear from you.

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  9. hello, i can barely write this. however i use to have mild asthma. a week ago i started to have severe asthma, then all of a sudden non of my inhalers worked so i went to the ER. They gave me steroids. It helped for a bit but i didnt continue the steroid burst. my symptoms came back even worse so i went on the steroids again but still felt tightness in chest, on the third day i started to have panic attacks so severe i went off the steroid. Also i noticed that I couldnt even use my inhaler without having a panic attack. So now I have been unable to breathe, vicious cycle of using inhaler inducing panic or not breathing and also having a panic attack. I have tried everything and nothing is working. Please help! I am now extra sensitive to every chemical especially when i go outside...what is happening!

    1. have you checked to see if you have mercury in your urine? Vapors from the mercury removal can happen when the removal happens from the drilling (heating) of the mercury fillings. Many dentists provide oxygen via the nose for the patients to breathe so they don't inhale as much mercury. ALso my dentist uses this big white elephant nose suction thing during the removal to suck up the air. You may need to do some things to remove the mercury from your system - check online for option like chorella (sp?). I would get your urine tested for mercury since this happened during and after the removal.

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