Monday, November 30, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Breakfast and supper options

Lunch, served with kombucha for all:
Monday: Liver, onions, mushrooms, bacon and white sauce
Tuesday: Broiled White Fish, Sauce and Fried Cabbage
Wednesday: Chicken Soup and Easy Bread
Thursday:  Nacho Spuds
Friday: Fish Cakes
Saturday:  Clam Soup
Sunday: Roast Chicken


  1. I have an embarrassment of kombucha cultures! They just keep growing and growing! I only like liver and onions if someone else makes it. Can I come over? LOL Take care!! :-)

  2. Oh man Lisa, so true! I have managed to post and give away almost all of my babies so far. But a few have ended up in the trash. I love being able to give them away, but only so many people want them. :) And we keep 3 gallons going at one time, so I end up with a lot!

    Definitely have to come over for liver and onions sometime. :) We are still working on getting used to it-but it's something I think is worth the fight, so I will carry on! I'm bound and determined to make us LIKE the stuff, not just tolerate it.
    Am I reaching for the stars there..... :)