Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

1.  This is a great post on why counting calories is useless. Food is so simple, but yet so much more complex then I ever imagined.  But, what it comes down to is: God has it all under control, we just need to trust him and eat and live the way He intended.  Granted, that is a little more complicated then it sounds in today's world. 

2.  Food Renegade had a post on genetic engineering.  Specifically on how farmers do not follow the rules for proper growing of such plants.   It's eye opening.

3.  I really want to buy some coconut butter and make this yummy chocolate frosting.  How great to have options for nourishing, yummy treats. 

4.  My friend wrote a great post about our 'place in this world'.  I also have been guilty of wanting to do 'more' for God.  But He has made it clear recently that my place is at home, taking care of my family.  Feeding them nourishing foods, helping them to grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.  It takes more time then I ever expected.  But it's more rewarding then I ever expected as well. 

5.  While I'm not recooping from having a baby, I agree with this post on simplifying life, esp for the upcoming winter months.  It just seems natural!  I'd like to see us spend more time as a family, doing things like origami, reading, crocheting, puzzles, etc.   

6.  A couple of recipes that I want to try:  an apple-carrot salad, a nut bar and

7.  This is an amazing list of the wonderful healing properties of garlic. Definitely worth printing and keeping for future reference.  It's amazing stuff!

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