Friday, October 9, 2009

Wrapping Up Our Square Foot Garden

Well, it wasn't wildly successful like we were hoping, but we were able to grow some of our own food and mostly, we learned a lot in the process. 

They were redoing our steps, so we had to take down the biggest garden, which meant ripping up some plants before they were done.  But this is what I harvested before we took the dirt out and moved the box.

Some cute little carrots and beats, some green tomatoes and a cucumber.  We also had 2 small squash that we fried up a few weeks ago.  I made them all into a yummy squash soup. 

On the top box, we still have chives, parsley and oregano, mint and wintergreen growing.  And today we are going to eat some broccoli, which is finally growing edibles for us.  The cabbage never came to anything except really big leaves. 

Our potatoes never really worked.  I need to dig through the garbage can.  We did have one that grew for awhile, but then stopped, so I'm not sure if there are any potatoes growing from it or not.  I am guessing not.  We think our problem there was simply that we started with lousy potatoes.  So we'll get better seed potatoes next year.  

Some thoughts for next year's garden:

1.  Start earlier.  We didn't start until almost July. 
2.  Prune, prune, prune.  It's hard to cut back healthy looking plants.  But we think that was why we had such nice green plants, but few edible parts. 
3.  Try less 'new' things, and concentrate on getting to know a few.
4.  Work on compost-trying green manure, possibly limestone with scraps pureed in my Vita-Mix, or red worms.  Either way, we need to get the soil healthier without spending a fortune on compost.  

We definitely took it as a learning experience and are looking forward to learning even more next year. 

I also hope to transplant the oregano and parsley so I can have it all winter.  And to add to that some cilantro.  Also, I hope to get a pot for growing greens indoors.  Once we had the home grown lettuce, the other just isn't the same! 

So, that wraps up our garden for the winter.  I look forward to picking out some seeds and starting them in the spring to transplant in the early summer.  And next year I hope to grow some things in our boxes throughout the winter (like garlic and onions and winter greens).  But we thought it best to take a rest so we can start with enthusiasm in the spring again. 

We will get this garden thing.......

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