Monday, October 5, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

  I am working on simplifying our meals, while making them wholesome and nourishing.  Simplicity for the sake of time as well as money.  I really want to keep the basics the same every week, while changing up the sides and sauces, etc.  I seem to get a little closer to my goal every few months.
That said, I am going to attempt to have the next few week's menus basically be: Roast chicken, fresh fish, soup from leftover roast chicken and stock, fish cakes/fish leftovers of some sort, a hamburger/red meat/liver meal and a roast (with the roast, I would like to be able to use leftovers for supper-esp for Drew) and one egg meal as well. 

Breakfast and supper options

Lunch, served with kombucha for all:
Tuesday: Fried Fish Sticks and French Fries
Wednesday: Albondigas Soup
Thursday:  Tarragon Roast Chicken with Broccoli from our garden

Friday: Fish Cakes
Saturday: Egg Salad Sandwiches
Sunday: Roast and Veggies in Crock Pot

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