Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'In Everything Give Thanks'

Why?  'For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.' (I Thessalonians 5:18)

Yesterday I was NOT thankful.  I was having a bad day and refused to be thankful for anything.  Luckily, God put some people in my life for just such times.  And they encouraged me throughout the day (Facebook CAN be useful). I woke up this morning refreshed in mind and spirit.  Life isn't any different today.  The same problems are there.  But I have a different attitude, one of thankfulness. The Holy Spirit worked in my heart and mind today to encourage me in awesome ways.  And to give me his 'peace that passes all understand'. 

I drove to the post office this morning and the car died 10 times on the way home.  We have no idea why it does that to me.  It doesn't happen to Drew at all.  So, for now, I am stuck home except when he can drive us places.

But, the kids and I went for a walk this afternoon and as I watched them run and play and giggle, my heart was filled with thankfulness for their health and energy and life.  In spite of their rough start on the SAD diet, God has graciously given them overall good health.  And my own two legs that can carry my body wherever I need to walk?  AND having no car at all is so much worse then only being able to go when Drew is able!  How blessed are we?   Blessed beyond measure!  

I tried making sourdough bread again today.  The recipe has actually turned out the last 3 times I made it and I was really excited about this batch. But my oven is erratic and unreliable.  It shuts off (kind of like my car-maybe Drew should turn it on), or it goes really high.  Well, this time it went really high and my loaves are all burnt on the outside.

But I am so thankful for the trusty toaster oven I paid $6 for at a thrift store awhile back.  There is very little that I can't cook between my toaster, my crock pot and the 30 minutes I can generally trust my oven to be reliable.  And I know of ways to use the inside of the bread to nourish us and still be quite enjoyable.  How blessed am I? 

Drew broke his 3rd tooth Sunday night and was a mess yesterday.  We have no dental insurance and his teeth are an all-around disaster.  He really needs thousands of dollars of work done on his teeth, and then we will need to do that to the rest of his teeth in a few years again!  The SAD died has wreaked havoc on his teeth.  And we can't nearly afford ANY work done.  And he really needs to get out of pain.

But, after pretty much spending all day in prayer and researching my 'trusted' sources for alternative health options, I'm more excited and encouraged then ever to keep feeding the 4 of us 'nourishing' foods and to keep the refined and processed junk out.  And I found some great alternatives to trying to manage Drew's current pain while we figure out what to do in the long run. 

I miss my family and closest friends like crazy sometimes.  They are all in Iowa/Minnesota, too far for heart-to-heart chats and hugs and other such 'necessities' for mental and emotional health.  :)  Esp when I'm having a bad day like yesterday.

But, did I mention how grateful I was for 2 friends to dialogue throughout the day yesterday over email.  They were both so good to let me vent my anger and frustration and fears, while pointing me to the real source of peace and life.  A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.-Provers 17:17

 I must confess my own selfish attitude yesterday, of blaming my husband for not having more self control and taking better care of himself so this didn't happen to his teeth.  I was walking around feeling quite sorry for myself. 

But my both of my friends pointed out that I was so blessed to have a husband whose very life and family heritage is grounded in the Word.   And on top of that, he adores me!  How did I get so lucky?  

That is my combination glad game/Christian country western song. :)

I know I'll struggle with it all again and have bad days when I sit and worry.  But I am so grateful to know that what happens in this life does not ultimately matter.  We are here for a short time, to bring glory to the creator God. Even when life is out of my control, he is still firmly in control!  What a blessing that is-when I choose to remember and live in it. :)


  1. Sarah, I meant to comment last week when I read this post. I loved your honesty and reminder to be thankful through everything. Trials and all! This was encouraging. Thank you!!

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