Friday, October 30, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

Oh man, there were a lot of good reads this week!

1.  This was a fabulous post on a Biblical view of homosexuality.   I couldn't have said it better myself. :)

2. This got me thinking about Christmas gifts.  I love the idea of 'soup in a jar'. Or something in a jar.  I wonder if I can do it 'NT'?  Hum... I'll have to get my brain going on that one.  Christmas is less then 2 months away!  We aren't big on gifts, but I love the idea of something nourishing for giving to the kids' Sunday School teachers, family, etc. 

3.  I did a post on this giveaway, but thought I'd mention it again-for good luck. ;) Stephanie at Keeper of the Home is having a give-away from The Tickle Trunk.  It's definitely worth leaving a comment-just in case.  

4.  This is a neat guest post on The Nourishing Gourmet. I really like the recipes from 'Edible Aria'.  Ren is the author and amazing chef there.  We really enjoy his liver and onions, and I've made a few other recipes of his as well.  And he's got a great sense of humor! :)

5.  Shannon at Nourishing Days posted this short, but great read on the role of mothers, and specifically their use of natural healing herbs, etc.  You know how sometimes you read something and it's almost like you wrote it.  While we don't eat perfectly, I really do think we are to the point where our diet is helping us, and not hurting us.  And the next step is to find healing herbs, tonics, foods, etc. for dealing with specific issues.  I loved this quote from her post:  "Much of the knowledge that our foremothers held has sadly not been passed down. If you are like me you get married, have children and then wake up and realize that you are either too afraid or uninformed to help heal your family of even the most minor of ailments."  I felt exactly that way last year.  I was scared stiff.  Modern science wasn't helping me to take care of my family, but what seemed right according to nature and history was practically banned by the government.  I have had such a journey since then.  I've come a long ways, but, of course, have a long ways to go.  

6.   This is the wrap up to the Food Stamp Challenge.  It was very eye-opening to read her thoughts on the whole process.  I'd highly recommend you read the whole series.  

Lastly, I had to mention 2 new recipes we tried this week and LOVED. The first was this amazing Sloppy Cornbread.  The boys couldn't get enough!  I hope to try the corn muffin recipe sometime on it's own.  And the other was the pumpkin soup I made. 


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