Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

1.  This is a must read on the uselessness of tooth brushing.  I'm going to be fixated on all things dental over the new few days/weeks, as my husband broke his 3rd tooth and is in pain and needs some dental work done in a bad way.  I truly believe that the only way to properly care for your health is through proper nutrition and possibly some 'natural' remedies like the oil pulling he suggest in the article (I started doing this and have not noticed anything yet-except maybe a little whiter teeth-no luck with getting Drew to do it yet).  I also want the book he linked to.  I loved this quote "The tooth brush and toothpaste industry needs to collapse into a heap of nothingness."  I fully agree.  My kids have not brushed their teeth in over a year because I refuse to let them use the nasty tooth pastes on the market and I can't bear to force them to use the baking soda that I currently use. I could have them use just water, but... "because my teeth and gums are not meant to be scrubbed by plastic bristles twice a day."

2.  I wish I could have met Mr. Weston Price. Maybe I would not have liked his personality.  From his book, he seemed kind of 'stiff and scientisty'.  But he also seemed to have some real compassion for his 'patients'.  I wonder if he had a personal relationship with the Creator?  Maybe God gave him some special knowledge. ;)  I am reading this great, but long article on the Weston A Price Foundation's website.  It's worth reading if you have the time.  Here is a quote I loved: '"There is no objection to having the children fill up on bulky foods such as potatoes and vegetables, if the daily mineral and vitamin requirements have been satisfied first," he advised his nieces and nephews. ' Of course, that could be taken out of context, but the man was a freakin' genius!  I'm constantly frustrated that I didn't read about him sooner.  I know that is completely futile thinking, but oh the possibilities..... Can you imagine a conversation with his sister about her kids' eating habits?  How funny is that!  Did you know he had a son who died from an infection from a  root canal given by Mr. Price himself?  The article has some neat tidbits about the man's personal life. 

3. I am still trying hard to find the 'perfect' diet for us.  I want it to be simple, local, inexpensive and easy to prepare.  And the more I study and read, the more all that seems possible, and almost necessary.  I love reading 'all you need for your nutrients for the day are...' types of things.  This was an interesting quote from Mr. Price right after the quote he said regarding his nieces and nephews.
Nevertheless, it is probably easier for westerners to obtain high levels of nutrients from a diet in which carbs are minimized. But that does not mean one should overdo on protein. Price did not advocate a high-protein diet. "The protein requirement can be provided each day in one egg or a piece of meat equivalent to the bulk of one egg a day,"30 was his Depression-era advice. The best protein foods, according to Price, are nutrient-dense organ meats, shellfish and small oily fish such as anchovies or sardines, eaten with the bones. In addition, he recommended one quart of whole milk per day for children, to ensure adequate minerals and fat-soluble activators.
I do think with our lack of good soil to produce nutrient dense eggs and meat, a little more may be required.  But I love the idea of knowing exactly what is needed, and then just have fun adding other things like veggies to that every day.  So the stress would be gone as I know we were well nourished, and the fun would come in with the varieties of things I could add to basically change up the otherwise same diet.  And when I wasn't up for fun, I know I could say 'suck it up, you're nourished'.  :)  Ahh, such a servant's attitude I have.  

4.  This is a great post on some causes of infertility.   

5.  I greatly desire to make this purse.  Isn't it beautiful?  She is going to give me a crash course on sewing with a more simple purse.  Hopefully I can work up to it. :)

6. I just found this and had to post.  Wow, can you imagine living in a community like that?  It's kind of 'utopian', but I love it!


  1. I'd never read that page before at the WAPF website. It's fantastic - very interesting. Thank you for linking to my infertility post. I really hope it helps someone.

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