Friday, October 2, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

1.  This is a great short post on the '3 Legs of Nutrition'.  1.  Keep the Bad Stuff out.  2.  Put the good stuff in.  3.  Properly prepare the 'good stuff'.

2.  This is a great link on 'punctuation' as she calls it (also known as a woman's monthly cycle, period, that time of the month, etc.).  There is a link for chemical free pads.  I would like to get cloth ones eventually, but I might try the others first. 

3.  This Christmas Planner looked interesting.  I really want to make Christmas extra special-without gift giving, vast quantities of sugar and selfishness abounding.  While being entirely Christ-centered.

4.  There were 2 challenges on blogs I enjoy reading this week.  While I must confess I am not planning on joining either, I will certainly be more mindful of those areas.  One is from The Nourishing Gourmet, and is a 'sugar free week' challenge. We really do not consume much sugar at home these days.  My evaporated cane sugar is used for kombucha pretty much solely.  And my rapadura lasts quite awhile also.  We do use a lot of honey and maple syrup though.  White flour also digests like sugar and she suggests taking that out also.  We don't eat much of that either, although probably a little more then we do of the sugar.  Food outside the home is an entirely different story of course.  But since we eat out maybe once a month, I don't worry too much about it.
The other is a 'food stamp month' challenge.  She has the amount you would receive for food stamps, for a family of 3 (in CO I believe) at $277.  So she is going to try to feed her family nourishingly (is that a word?) on that, and nothing extra.  I look forward to seeing her ideas and learning new ways to feed my family inexpensively. 

5.  Here is a great bunch of popcorn recipes that I really want to try.  Popcorn is something I'd like to work with more and add to our diet as more then an occasional meal replacement with a smoothie.  These recipes look awesome!


  1. Thanks for sharing these links! I was wanting to do Nourishing Kitchens challenge, but I didn't catch it on time :( How are you doing Sarah? Are you on facebook?

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