Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Year of Raw Milk

It's actually been a year and a half since I read about raw milk from the Weston Price Foundation website and decided it was something we needed to incorporate into our diet. 
But it was a year ago this month that I started going to Freedom Hill Farms to pick up our milk.  I can't believe it's really been that long!  
Check out my first post about them.  I had been paying $8 a gallon to have the milk delivered locally.  But we loved it and I needed a cheaper source.  God was very gracious to send us to our current source, where we pay $4 a gallon.  I've heard of people in California paying $10-$15 for a gallon.  Let me tell you, I do NOT take my source of milk for granted at all!  I am so incredibly grateful to them for what they do for us, and others like us who believe in the value of raw milk from grass fed cows.   
We took our monthly trip up (it's 60 miles each way) yesterday, and I was reminded, yet again, of why I love Farmer Julie and Farmer Rick so much.  Their barn is across the street from their house.  We had never been to their actual yard before.  Myia really wanted to see the chickens, so we asked when we go there, if we could go into their backyard and see their chickens. Julie was more then obliging, and even sent us over with some empty egg cartons to pick up any eggs they had laid since she collected last.  The kids were thrilled.  It was an egg hunt of the highest order!  Myia collected 12 and Samuel 3.  They were so proud of their treasures, it was adorable.  Myia even tried to put her hand under one of the chickens that was laying in the coop, but she started to peck at her, so she gave up on that one.  But, as soon as she saw the chicken coming out, she went back in, and sure enough, there was an egg. 
So, I have a question for you.  How fresh are your eggs?  I made eggs this morning for breakfast, and we had the livliest conversation about the chickens that laid those very same eggs, and about how lucky we are to be eating such fresh, nourishing food.  I felt so blessed all over again! 
For a snack today, we enjoyed a delicious, refreshing smoothie with the raw eggs yolks, milk and maple syrup (we picked it up on the way to the farm yesterday).  Sometimes eating local and sustainable IS easy, fun and cheap!  Ok, to be fair, I had coconut oil and cocoa powder in there also, but it's MOSTLY local. 


  1. What a fun post! I've only been drinking raw milk for a few months. It's almost near impossible to get in Iowa :( ILLEGAL! BOO!! I was so blessed though, a friend closer to Missouri has been able to purchase it for 2.50 a gallon! A blessing! My eggs are coming from a local farmer and my own backyard, yeah!! Within the next couple of months I should have 7 happy hens laying! The kids LOVE the girls!

  2. By the way, your kids are adorable!

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