Monday, September 7, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Happy Labor Day!!

I'm excited to try my hand at fermenting veggies again.  I bought some carrots, cabbage and beets at the local Farmer's Market and I'm going to try 3 recipes from Nourishing Traditions.

Also, I bought some buffalo meat, liver and ground meat, at the Farmer's Market.  I'm excited to try that.  I usually buy buffalo ground meat at WFM. But I excited to try the local stuff. 

Drew and I went to the Union Square Farmer's Market on Wednesday and we stopped at the Hawthorne Valley Farms booth.  They had kim chi and beet kvass for taste testing.  Drew tried them and liked both, so we picked up one of each.  Hence the encouragement to try my hand at the fermenting thing again.  I was just reading some of the side notes in Nourishing Traditions about how incredibly good fermented foods are for the body.  So, yet, another enticement for trying.  Maybe it's all a good-luck charm and they'll turn out good this time.   

Breakfast: I have all the ingredients on hand, and so can choose when we wake up, depending on our schedule and desire.
Fried/scrambled eggs with bacon and yogurt
Egg sandwiches (toasted sourdough bread, mayo, eggs, sliced pickles, fried onions, cheese)
Eggs and hash browns,
Sourdough pancakes ,
french toast casserole,
sourdough waffles (2nd waffle recipe is my favorite),
breakfast cookies with raw egg yolk smoothies or kefir vanilla milkshake,
Granola .

Lunch, served with kombucha for all:
Monday: Fried Rice and Sausage
Tuesday: Roasted Chicken and veggie
Wednesday: Fish Tacos with mango salsa
Thursday:  Buffalo Liver with fried onions, mushrooms and and garlic
Friday: Pepperoni Pizza
Saturday: Nacho Spuds
Sunday: Buffalo Sloppy Joes with sourdough buns

Supper: Generally leftovers, popcorn and smoothie, PB& honey sandwiches or veggies and PB, or any of the breakfast options.

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