Friday, September 25, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

1.  This is a great snippet from a book called 'Enzyme Nutrition'.  It definitely makes me want to go out and find the book.  I think I'll check the library for it.  The more I can understand the role of enzymes in our bodies, the better I can help lead my family to long-term health.  It's pretty exciting! :) 

2. Here is a great interview with Dave Wetzel from Green Pastures. He talks about the different types of cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oils he manufactures and sells. I'm reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and greatly desiring to feed us the teaspoon a day of cod liver oil/high vitamin butter.  The clinical studies he did with the combination were amazing!  One-half of a teaspoon of each-hardly enough to make it down the throat it seems.  And yet it was almost miraculous. Of course, quality is important and impossible to gauge.  So it's nice having groups like the Weston A Price Foundation, who does a lot of the research.  You just have to basically trust them I guess, to find the best.  I really want to  try this from Green Pastures.  He said adults prefer the cinnamon and kids preferred the fruit, which is sweetened with stevia.  Although the fruit flavor is only with the CLO, not the butter.  It would be about $100 to buy a month's supply for the 4 of us. Ouch!  Although I do believe it's worth every penny if it can be managed.

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