Friday, September 18, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

I forgot to do links last Friday.  I was a bit busy getting ready for my new Sunday School class and our first week of homeschooling.  The Sunday School moving-up was awesome. Although it's always so sad to see the old class leave. But the new ones coming in are so precious, you quickly forget how sad you were!  :)  God is good.

1. I can not believe what the government and big business has the nerve to call 'healthy'. It's absurd!  Jenny at 'The Nourished Kitchen' posted this about the 'Smart Choices Program'.  Do you know they have the 'smart choices' sticker on Fruit Loops! Now we know even Kellogg's corn flakes are lethal (scroll down a bit to 'Rat Experiment if you don't know this already), but no one thinks Fruit Loops are healthy.  That's beyond absurd.  Apparently the FDA is doing some research on public opinion to the Smart Choices Program, so she encourages you to share your opinion on the subject.

2.  I very much desire to get more seafood into our diet.  I am reading Weston Price's Book 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration' and I'm surprised at what lengths natives who lived in-land went, to get seafood/fish. But, between the mercury, sustainability, farming issues, price and taste, I've not been very successful.  Other then fish cakes, we don't care for any food that comes from the sea unfortunately.  I'm convinced it's an acquired taste, and so am working hard at helping us 'acquire' it.  But my cooking is not the greatest, and does not naturally lend itself to fish.  I can do fresh fish ok, but the canned stuff, which tends to be the cheapest and healthiest, is just too fishy for us.  I really, really want us to eat more canned Alaskan salmon, sardines and anchovies.  But, we can't stand any of them, unless highly masked and hardly tasted.  Kristen at Food Renegade wrote a fabulous piece on that very subject.  And it had a link to an on-line guide from Monterey Bay Aquarium about which fish/seafoods are safest to consume. You click on your state for the guide to your area. It's pretty nifty.  And I am encouraged yet again, to try eating more seafood.  Maybe I'll try it on my cousins' shrimp scampi recipe

3.  This was a very encouraging post on how a family overcame some of their allergies through an NT diet.  It's interesting esp, because she said they ate mostly 'real food' before, but it wasn't until it was traditionally prepared that the changes in health really came about.  

4.   Here is a chocolate chip recipe I MUST try next week. We like chocolate chips too much, so I want to find a healthier option.  The ones in NT melt, but she said these don't, so I have to try them!

5.  I know I've mentioned it before, but it's always worth mentioning again when someone else says it so much better then I can.  Every Kitchen Table blog posted this interesting piece about that what a mess the American food system really is.  She posted a link to a great article on I may have linked to the article before, I know I have read it.  But it's worth re-reading, in my personal opinion. 

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