Friday, September 4, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

1.  Here is a neat story at Thrifty and Organic about how her husband lost weight over a period of time.  She mentions at first, how wives can help their husbands by providing nourishing food at home, and to take to work.  And then her husband wrote in his words how he lost the weight and how he felt.  It's a short, but great read.  I hope to be the same influence over my husband.

2. This is a great post about why it's not really more expensive to eat 'nourishing' food, when done properly.  It does, however, take more time - in finding and preparing the foods. She has some great tips and suggestions for how to make it more cost effective.  And the reality, as she points out, is that when we walk into grocery stores, we end up walking out with more junk then we need. And when we buy from the source or as close as possible, we are not bombarded by the 'extras' which add up in money and health. 

3.  I really enjoyed reading this article on the importance of salt.  Salt has taken a hard-rap in this day and age. And the processes table salt deserves every negative comment it gets.  But salt, the way God designed it, unprocessed and from it's original source, is invaluable to humans for good health.  After reading this article, you'll begin to see real, unrefined sea salt as the 'superfood' it really is.

4.  Drew and I are seriously talking about doing a modified GAPS diet.  I know, I know, why do it at all if it's modified.  But, I really do think I've learned enough about food and digestion and nutrition to be able to do just that.  Anyway, this article by FoodRenegade was another encouragement in that direction.  I also ordered the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book by Natasha Campbell-McBride from the library. Drew's brother-in-law is going on a low-carb diet also, so maybe we can do it in tandem. :)

5.  This is a reprint of an article that was published in Wise Traditions. It's about Cod Liver Oil, specifically Dave Wetzel's fermented oil, and his story of how he started making it in Nebraska.  It's long, but a great read.  And it makes the price of CLO seem downright reasonable! And that, in spite of the fact that it would/will cost us $45 a month to take the recommended dosage for the 4 of us!  That's 10% of our budget and it's not even food. But, it is worth every penny, I do believe that.

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