Monday, August 31, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

The fried cabbage and onion was a big hit last week. I thought cabbage was horrible, but man was I wrong!

I am going to try pate again this week. Probably with some store bought chips, just to encourage it to be a little more positive. I really want us to eat liver more. Maybe making it into a melt, with cheese over top.  Or, if I'm feeling really creative, I might try shredding cheese and making chips out of them, and then serving the pate as a dip. 

Drew's sister is taking the kids on Wednesday.  Drew and I are going into the city to the Union Square Farmer's Market.  I hope to get some more ideas for composting and bread making.  And, hopefully, I'll finally get some lard.  I've been out for about a month.  You don't know how much you appreciate something until it's gone.  And lard is definitely one of those things. Some day I'll find some pig fat and render my own.  But I have yet to find a source for that.    

Breakfast: I have all the ingredients on hand, and so can choose when we wake up, depending on our schedule and desire.
Fried/scrambled eggs with bacon and yogurt
Egg sandwiches (toasted sourdough bread, mayo, eggs, sliced pickles, fried onions, cheese)
Eggs and hash browns,
Sourdough pancakes ,
french toast casserole,
sourdough waffles (2nd waffle recipe is my favorite),
breakfast cookies with raw egg yolk smoothies or kefir vanilla milkshake,
Granola .

Lunch, served with kombucha for all:
Monday: Greasy Chicken and Rice
Tuesday: Liver Pate and Sourdough Toast
Wednesday: Eat out in NYC
Thursday: Shredded  Beef and Mushrooms over Fried Cabbage
Friday: Fish Cakes and Fries
Saturday: Chicken Waldorf Salad
Sunday: Fried Rice and Sausage

Supper: Generally leftovers, popcorn and smoothie, PB& honey sandwiches or veggies and PB, or any of the breakfast options.

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