Monday, August 24, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

I'm going to try my new sushi mat this week. I'm very excited about the possibilities. Everyone freaks out when I tell them I'm going to make sushi, as they think 'raw fish'. But since I have not found a source of raw fish that I feel comfortable consuming, I'll stick with other forms of protein for now. I will probably do scrambled egg, cucumber and avocado this week.

I am also excited to try the popcorn chicken and cabbage meal this week. I hope we like them both!

I am going to try a banana coconut muffin recipe tomorrow also. I'd love to add a 'bakery treat' once or twice a week, but made with coconut flour, since I can't seem to get the soaked grain recipes for sweets.

I have all the ingredients on hand, and so can choose when we wake up, depending on our schedule and desire.
Fried/scrambled eggs with bacon and yogurt
Egg sandwiches (toasted sourdough bread, mayo, eggs, sliced pickles, fried onions, cheese)
Eggs and hash browns,
Sourdough pancakes ,
french toast casserole,
sourdough waffles (2nd waffle recipe is my favorite),
breakfast cookies with raw egg yolk smoothies or kefir vanilla milkshake,
Granola .

Lunch, served with kombucha for all:
Monday: Popcorn Chicken and Fries
Tuesday: Fish and Salsa
Wednesday: Fried Cabbage and Sausage
Thursday: Tuna Sushi
Friday: Pepperoni Pizza
Saturday: Brisket and Roast Veggies
Sunday:Brisket Salad

Supper: Generally leftovers, popcorn and smoothie, PB& honey sandwiches or veggies and PB, or any of the breakfast options.

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