Friday, August 21, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

Here are some of my favorite links from the week. Enjoy!

1. This article talks about whether some supplements are needed while on the Nourishing Traditions diet. I really don't consider Cod Liver Oil a supplement. It's more of a 'real food' in my opinion. And the same for coconut oil. My friend takes maca for her adrenals/thyroid issue, and even that is simply ground up maca. So even with the supplements she suggests, I would consider that a real food diet.

2. This is a great article on the benefits of coconut milk. And she even has a link to an NBC video about it's health benefits. I love seeing all of this in the main stream. It makes me feel less crazy. :)

3. My usual favorite carnivals: Real Food Wednesday, Food Roots Thursday and Fight Back Friday.

4. I'm inspired yet again. I am trying to do compost outside, but it's smelly, yucky and really just not working! So, I had looked into worm composting. But it's one more thing to try to figure out. This post encouraged me to look into it yet again. Maybe next week I'll order my red wigglers...

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