Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite Links Friday

1. This is a great, thoughtful post on why we take the time to prepare 'real' food.
"Food is essential because it is of the utmost “importance” if we want to live. Food is one of those few
real essentials in life, because we will quite literally die without it. Yet, for all of that, it’s rather neglected and looked down upon at times!
Looking at other cultures, especially in the past, I find that food is given special importance, and that it’s celebrated. Each harvest is a celebration because it means one more year of survival. There is joy in working for food (whether harvesting or cooking) because of a great gratefulness that there will be enough.

I want to capture some of that joy and gratefulness to bring to my table. Sure, I get tired of cooking as it can seem so unending! And we eat simple, frugal food a lot. But even simple, frugal food is worth being grateful for."
2. Here is a list of 50 enzyme rich foods, if you're looking to add them to your diet.  And this is a great article on why eating enzyme-rich food is important.  She breaks it down in very simple, understandable terms (the only way I understand things).

3.  Check out this video about the lack of correlation between heart disease and cholesterol.  We have been told for so long, that consuming cholesterol is what causes heart disease. But there is so little evidence to prove that. The vast majority of evidence proves that the body makes cholesterol to fight off diseases already present in the body. What we think is the cause, is actually the symptom.

4.  I shop at Whole Foods every month.  And I greatly appreciate their quality and price.  But, it is my goal, ultimately, to buy the vast majority of my food right from the producer, and, grow as much as possible myself.  But, that, is a long ways off.  I think, if catastrophe hit and we were forced to do so, I could manage.  But, as that is not the case, I will continue on my slow journey toward that end.  In the meantime, I am grateful to have a Whole Foods so close (4 actually).  This article (I have no idea who the guy is who wrote it, or what else he believes, but I do agree with his thoughts in this particular article) is a great overview as to why I do not like Whole Foods and hope to avoid them in the future.  I do believe that if all the mega grocery stores in America today were able to switch to the 'green' practices of Whole Foods, we would be a lot better off.  But, still far from where we need to be on the sustainability scale. 

5.  Kelly the Kitchen Kop posted about her experience with her 4 year old and his shots.  It's a good read and she has some other links for more information as well.

6.  This was just posted, and I want to make sure I can access it again if I need it.  I am looking into the option of painting our apartment . I don't want to spend much money (not only because we don't have it), because who knows how long we will be here.  But, it's so yucky in here, and I'm determined to surround us with beauty. And I think that a simple coat of paint will go a long ways towards that end.  This post is about paints that you can use that have little or no VOCS, that you can inhale, for even years after applying it.  She has some links on there also.  I am going to price the Harmony line at Sherwinn Williams.  I'd rather go with small and local, but I'm guessing it'll be a lot cheaper at giant Sherwinn Williams and I'd rather paint this place cheaply then not paint it at all.  

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