Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're back!!!

Well, the kids and I visited my family in Iowa for a month. We got back 2 weeks ago, but I still have not totally gotten back into the swing of things. Mostly meal planning. I have some new recipes I want to post (for all of my devoted followers who have been waiting with bated breath for me to start blogging again *grins*).

Here are some fun pictures from the trip. My kids mostly enjoyed hanging out with their cousins. Here they are 'shredding' and being 'mud sisters', garage sale-ing and feeding the cows in my parent's back yard. Fun times! :)

It was a fantastic visit. We went waay off our NT eating, but we did better then in the past and learned a lot in the meantime. I definitely came to appreciate how important a high-fat, high-quality, low-sugar diet is. When I first got there, I didn't crave junk food and could easily turn it down. About half way through, when the raw milk was gone and high-quality food was harder to find, I found my intense cravings were returning in a big way! Poor dad, he just wanted his cookies for work, but mom wouldn't keep them in the house because of me. :)

I am ready to move back, buy an acreage, and start my own homestead and try to be mostly self sufficient. As much as one can be without going crazy over it all, in the 21st century. Drew is ok with the challenge. Now if we can crawl out of debt and save up for a good-sized down payment, I think it would be a fun, family adventure.

But, all of that is a long ways off. So, for now, I am trying to be as self-sufficient as I can right here in Clifton, NJ. One has to start somewhere, right? And besides, I truly believe it is being a good steward to make wise decisions and be less dependent on outside sources for food and energy. Going 'green' and all that. Mostly though, it's just a fun challenge for me.

I am very desirous of eating as 'local' and 'in season' as possible. And to get as much sugar as possible out of our diets. What is the point of serving nutrient-rich dense foods if the sugar simply sucks all the nutrients out anyway? We still eat waaay too much sugar. But I am trying harder to find honey and syrup sweetened desserts to help us not to feel 'cheated' or to crave the other junk foods.

We finally planted our garden yesterday. It's much too late in the season, but the seeds were cheap and we had to start somewhere. Next year we hope to do mostly heirloom, and then we can save the seeds from those foods and not have to buy new ones every year. And have a much better quality product. When I got back from Iowa, I was pretty much over the whole garden thing. Not really over it, but not feeling it was worth even bothering with it being so late. Luckily, my sister-in-law had gotten bit by the growing bug and her excitement got me excited about it again. :) I figure with the price of seeds, it was worth a try anyway!

Here are some pictures from our 'planting' of our Square Foot Garden yesterday.

So, that is where I am now. I shall try to post my newest favorite recipes. And hopefully get back into posting my weekly meal plan. If I don't, we eat horribly!

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