Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our First Garden Salad

While it was a tiny salad to be fair, it was OUR salad, grown in OUR garden!

Check it out, I was beaming with pride. And it was so delicious! The kids ate most of it, but I snatched some when they weren't looking.

We had the most yummy haddock fingers today. Drew is amazing when it comes to frying. And my fish-hater children actually ate a lot of it and loved it.

But this is about the garden, not the fish. :) We planted butterleaf lettuce, some random Asian lettuces and some romaine. It's all pretty small, but I cut some of it here and there, just enough to make a fresh, crisp salad. Yum!

Our garden looks amazing, it's growing like crazy. I meant to get some pictures of it today and post, but now it's dark and raining, so it'll have to wait.

Home grown lettuce is sooo delicious!!

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