Friday, July 24, 2009

Faith in the unseen

Ok, I'm on the whole 'parenting' thing, and I have one more issue I've been struggling with in my brain the last few days.

How does one 'run the race that is set before us'? How does one finish the race, going strong, doing the right thing when everyone around you says you're crazy? And, esp, how does one teach these things to children!

Specifically in relation to their spiritual lives, and their nutrition. They so often seem to be parallel!

I believe, and want to pass along to my own children, that God is the 'I AM', the Creator and sustainer of the earth. That we are all sinners and God sent his Son to die for us, to pay the penalty for that sin. But, I don't want that to be head knowledge. I want them (us) to be so driven by that, that it changes our hearts and from there, our behavior. I don't want my kids to be 'luke warm' or to be wishy washy. I want them to finish the race, to be like Paul, and to find thier very passions for life to be based on the cross and their love for Jesus. I want the things of this world to pale in comparison to their passion for Christ. Is that possible? So few people are that way, and most Christians today would mock a person for living such a life. It would be considered 'old fashioned' or 'extreme'. But isn't that how Paul lived? Isn't that really how it ought to be?

When it comes down to it, I'm asking my children to believe in something they can not see, to live for something that provides very little reward in the here and now. Sin has consequences, but so often we don't see them until long after the deed is done. Or, worse yet, we don't see them as being directly related to our sin. They are just a part of life.

Now, I realize that the Holy Spirit is the only one who can open my children's hearts and eyes to the truth. And really, He is probably the only one who can light the fire under their little fannies (their newest favorite word) to keep them running hard and long.

But it seems foolish, when I look at it from the world's perspective, to teach these things to my children-and to expect them to believe them and live them. Is it possible?

On the nutritional front, I have the same quandry, but it's even more vague, as I'm not entirely sure of the Holy Spirit's roll in this end of it, and there is little Scripture to back it up.

I am trying to teach my children that foods, even when they taste good and don't cause any obvious signs of discomfort, can cause long-term health issues.

yeah, that lollipop you are eating and loving right now, is going to cause your teeth to rot from the inside out and possibly give you diabetes when you're 60. Now there is a reason to not eat lollipops if I ever heard one. Esp for a 4 year old! I mean really, it sounds almost absurd.

Of course, I know the truth, I'm convinced I do anyway. But very few other people will back me up on that, at least, not the main-stream. So, why would my children choose to believe me, and sacrifice the here and now, for long-term benefits? It's not in children's nature naturally to do so. But, parents are supposed to be the guides to help them to learn that.

But can I possibly expect them to believe and live that when they are adults and on their own? Esp if they have avoided a lot of the health issues facing most of their peers because of the choices forced on them when they were living under their parent's roof.

Can I pass along to my children, my beliefs in spiritual and nutritional issues, against the vast majority of people in their day to day lives, and truly expect them to take them on for themselves? To be willing and passionate even, about sacrificing now, for the good of the future-a future that we can not even fathom at present?

I guess I just need to keep hammering at those nails every day and not worry too much about the finished product. Only God knows what that will look like.

Boy am I glad he's in charge and not me!!

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