Sunday, April 26, 2009

Starting our Square Foot Garden


I wasn't sure it was actually going to happen. We tend to get some great ideas, but don't always follow through on them. But, Drew and his dad picked up the wood for our boxes yesterday, and Drew actually finished the first one today. He was so proud. 'It looks like a coffin, but it's the best box ever!'. He even called his mom to tell her about it. :) He's too cute!

Check out the Square Foot Garden Website. It's a great concept and I was so excited to find it. I really wanted to try container gardening, but kept running up against issues. This addresses every one of my issues, so I'm excited to try it out!

I'll update as we decide what we're going to grow. We were planning on just transplants, to help us be successful our first year. But, Drew found a bunch of heirloom seeds on ebay and now he's dying to try them out. So, we'll decide as we go probably. I prefer heirloom from seeds, for a lot of reasons. But I also want us to be at least semi-successful our first year. :)

I am also going to put holes in a garbage can and plant potatoes, and we are going to buy hanging bags, or make a post of some sort and grow strawberries.

Here is to our first try at growing our own veggies and fruit...

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