Monday, March 9, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday

I'm trying liver this week. We will probably hate it, but I need to start somewhere. :) I'm also going to try providing a dessert for lunch more often. As an incentive for the kids to try the food and eat a decent amount, and to hopefully make us not feel 'deprived' of other sweets. I tried them for breakfast, but we all end up irritable and hungry shortly afterwards. The kids and I love having eggs (we eat 2-3 for breakfast now) and yogurt for breakfast, so we're going to stick with that again and move the sweets to lunch desserts.

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast: Bacon, Fried Eggs and Yogurt
Lunch: Hot Dogs, veggies and Pea Cream Soup (soup cookbook) and caramel corn
Dinner: Tuna Sandwiches

Bacon, Fried Eggs and Yogurt
Nacho Spud Recipe
Dinner: PB & Honey Sandwiches

Breakfast: Bacon, Fried Eggs and Yogurt
Lunch: Chicago Stuffed Spinach Pizza and Giant Breakfast Cookies
Leftover Nacho Spuds

Breakfast: Sourdough Pancakes and Maple Syrup and yogurt
Lunch: Bacon, Liver and Onions (we may end up eating sandwiches, but I'd like to try) and Sweet potato Savory Fries
Leftover Pizza

Breakfast: Cheese Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Yogurt
Dinner: Popcorn and Smoothies

Breakfast:Fried Egg and Bacon and yogurt
Chicken Mushroom Soup
Dinner: PB & honey toast

Breakfast: French Toast and Yogurt
Lunch: Roast Chicken with Green Beans
Dinner: Egg Drop Soup

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