Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mama Loves Learning

Ok, so it has nothing to do with nutrition, but I don't have a baby book and I never want to forget this. Plus, my friend Tanya does a Mr. Linky on Tuesdays for 'Mama Loves', for which this fits.

Myia, who turns 6 in May, does not yet read. She can read some, but she is very shy about it and I have not pushed it much yet. We do her phonics book and she is very intelligent, but in all fairness, she can't really read yet.

However, the girl writes all day long. She writes emails and signs and books and notes. They are hard to read, but we do ok. She sounds every word out and write down what it sounds like to her. Tonight, she brings me a folded piece of paper and tells me to read it later. I open it up and this is what it says:

'der toth fary i dont hv ane loth teth'

Translation: 'Dear tooth fairy, I don't have any loose teeth.'

I cracked up laughing! Luckily, she had went back into her room. It was so cute! She knows there is no such thing as a tooth fairy, but the concept of losing a tooth is very exciting to her.

Earlier tonight we were at IKEA. They have an abacus in the play area. Myia was playing with it so I sat down next to her and we started playing together. At one point, I asked her how many would be half of all of the beads on it. I had no idea if she even understood the concept of half. She thought for a moment and then started taking 5 from each set and moving them over. After she was done, she counted them all and stated proudly '50 is half mom'. Man was I proud!

She is so brilliant it scares me sometimes.

So, to fit in with Tanya's theme: Mama loves watching her children learn new things-esp concepts that they get all on their own. It amazes and astounds me!


  1. HOW COOL!! Our kids love IKEA. They think it's Disney World, or at least something akin to it. Thanks for sharing this! Ellie doesn't write much yet, but she's starting to read a little. I look forward to the writing step. I know can't be far off. Yesterday she told me "sugar" must have an H because SH makes the sound for sugar. Now how do I explain that one without throwing off all her phonics? :)

  2. She's PRECIOUS!! Can't wait to see her.