Monday, March 19, 2007

Healthy, homemade Facials

Facials are a lot of fun, as you can use a number of simple things from your kitchen. I will post them here as I use them. So far I've only used two:

---That's it. I rub it on my face and let it dry and then rinse it off in the shower. Your skin feels so fresh and clean. It's amazing for such a simple product.

Ground Oatmeal
---I take oatmeal and grind it in the food processor, add a little bit of warm water and rub it into my face. This is my favorite as I have terrible acne and pick at my face a lot. This takes the dry skin off and feels so good afterwards. I just rinse it off in the shower. Myia rubbed it on her face and thought it was great, while Sam ate the stuff and kept saying 'yum'. I love all-natural! It's safe and fun for the kids to! I ground up a bunch and put it in a baggie and just pull out a handful when I'm ready to use it. I just pour the water right onto my hand, squeeze it to make sure all the oatmeal is wet and scrub away. Make sure you let it dry completely, otherwise it loses it's effectiveness.

Here are 3 great websites for homemade facials-they give a ton of ideas and even tell you what to use for different skin types. The first is the most simple and my favorite:

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  1. Combine the honey and the oatmeal -- think of what a great facial THAT would be.